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Be still. Fully relax.

Observe quietly in the stillness the thinking mind.

Just look, nothing else.

No analysis.

Without pushing or being artificial, recognize the wisps in the shadows. Wisps of a controller, controlling the body and mind.

Wisps of a manager, managing the body and mind.

This is agency, the subjective feeling of ‘I.’ It is the ego, the one who creates all the pain, disappointment, excitement and depression.

Be still. Find the still point.

Then allow the mind to expand naturally.

This manager-ego locates us in space and time.

“I” am here, and everyone and everything else is there – in front, back, sides, above, and below me.

I am stuck in a perspective of a single point focus – “here.”

I am also stuck in time – “now.”

Everything else is before and after.

Quietly letting go of this manager-ego allows us to disengage from this fixed single space-time locus or perspective.

It allows us the freedom to be everywhere and yet nowhere.

To be unconditionally loving and compassionate.

This is freedom. 

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