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Forgiveness is an important corollary to compassion, as is gratitude.

Both attitudes dampen the tendency to think, “I am right,” falling into righteousness.

By reducing strong clinging and grasping to myself, both attitudes soften the ego.

At times compassionate response to injustice can move towards anger.

This leads us away from compassion. Injustice can make us feel outraged, but our response is not further anger or violence, rather love and compassion.

This allows us to find the best ways to achieve justice.

Compassion is not only an emotion, but a cognitive or intellectual assessment determining the best way to help reduce harm.

Forgiveness recognizes that we are all human and make mistakes.

Self-forgiveness unlocks an emotional tightness opening our heart to freedom, like a breath of fresh air.

It regains self-confidence, reduces guilt, and opens our heart to wellness and flourishing.

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