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This is a picture of Amitabha Buddha! More precisely it’s a picture of Amitabha in wrathful form, known in Tibetan Buddhism as Hayagriva. Wrathfulness isn’t the same as anger. This is a righteous wrath!

It symbolises the energy, determination, power and strength of illumination. Spiritual practice is spiritual warfare. The spiritual practitioner is a spiritual warrior. Enlightenment is violence. Enlightenment is violent because it is the breaking of chains, the overcoming of delusion, the overthrow of bad habits.

Enlightenment is revolution! To achieve this revolution one must be strong, powerful and determined. One must be resolute and focused. One must have a quality of hardness. True spirituality isn’t just about peace and love! This form of the Buddha represents this. He shows a no-nonsense attitude, a “I’m not putting up with this anymore”.

This is a powerful Buddha who will not tolerate samsaric delusions anymore! Hayagriva is the strength and power of the Divine Dharmakaya. Namo Amitabha

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